Well, Old Man Winter could have given us some trouble on our Grand Opening night but, instead the weather calmed for the evening and although it was chilled outside, with so many great people together in one space to enjoy each other’s company, the gallery was warm on the inside.

Everyone enjoyed a chance to speak with the artists and Les Drysdale, Gord Leverton,  Juan Carlos Martinez and of course Mark Strutt were all on hand to share their ideas and inspiration with the guests. Randy Steele was fully represented by his wonderful family. Of course Deborah Tilby, being from B.C. and Scott James Owles were unable to attend but their work was as well received as the others. Mayor Bob Bratina came by to say hello and wish us good luck along with many of our fellow business owners on the street.

It was a great evening. All of Us at the gallery wish to thank All of You, our Friends and Family, for coming and supporting our opening and for all the other ways in which we have felt welcomed to the neighbourhood. We look forward to many great evenings and events at the gallery and we hope to see you all there again very soon.

Thank You.


Opening Night