Guennadi Kalinine


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Guennadi Kalinine was born in Russia in 1957 in the town of Zelenodolsk near Kazan. He graduated from the Art College of Kazan and has a BA in History from Kazan State University. Later, for 15 years he instructed courses on computer graphic design. Also, a passionate artist producing dynamic landscapes and traditional orthodox icon paintings.

Guennadi had numerous exhibitions in Russia, and his works can be found in many galleries and private collections.

He immigrated to Canada in 2003, started a career of full-time artist and founded a GK Studio in downtown Dundas, Ontario. Guennadi is also a co-owner of McMaster Gallery with Bert Dorpmans and Stephen Landers. The gallery is located at the same place as his studio. He teaches several courses on drawing and painting at the Dundas Valley School of Art.

Since 2003 he has participated in 14 group exhibitions and 5 solo art shows. He was a finalist of International Artist magazine art competition of February/March 2010 and feature artist of October/November 2010. There also were many articles about his work in local and nationwide press: “Hamilton Spectator”, “Arabella” magazine, “Hamilton” magazine and others.

Artistic statement.

“In my paintings I always attempt to capture something extraordinary and unique in the common objects, try to express my sense of the mystery of being in the world. I create, hoping that the viewers will be able to share my fascination. These landscapes and compositions are responses to experiential moments of non-duality often occurring for me while outdoors in natural surroundings.

The images serve as quiet and thoughtful visions assisting the human compulsion to make meaning through making pictures and looking at pictures, too. Often the sensation of momentarily loosing a sense of “myself” occurs in travels through open spaces. Being in mountains and open fields often suggest to me that some fundamental truth underlies everything. Standing before trees I see visceral icons proclaiming a union of earth and sky. Slow movement constantly existent in the Nature, especially stream of water, makes me feel the course of time, flow of Life.

My landscape paintings are composed from memory and on-site drawings or photographs. I use memory as a filtering agent to remove nonessential visual elements when organizing a new composition. For a painting to be complete it must call to mind my sense of no division between form and emptiness, Earth and Sky, self and other.”

                                                                                                    - Guennadi Kakinine