David Shevlino

My exposure to art began as a teenager growing up in an industrial area of NJ near NYC.  I began making trips to art museums in NYC when I was 15 and quickly developed a fascination with European painting.  As a youth I found myself drawn especially to the 15th through 17th century, with modern influences coming later.  This instilled in me a love of craft and a sense of where painting comes from.  Painting gives me a means of expressing the way I perceive the world around me. I do this by distilling what I know about painting from the way artists before me used it and creating my own way of using it today.”

                                                                            - David Shevlino



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David also teaches and has two instructional videos available for purchase at The Focus Gallery.


Painting Methods and

Techniques by David Shevlino

PAINTING LOOSELY includes two painting demos by David Shevlino. One is a small portrait using a  wet-into-wet technique. The other is a figure painting of two sumo wrestlers. In both demos David talks about his  thought process and explains  brushwork, color mixing, medium and his methods for achieving a sense of movement and spontaneity in his work. 68 min.




The Artwork and Painting Methods

of David Shevlino on DVD

IN THE STUDIO includes two painting demos. A quickly painted still life and a large figure composition developed over several weeks. Throughout the demo David describes his painting methods and philosophy developed over 25 yrs of experience. He also shares his thought process and creative ideas, his past and present work, and the influence of other painters thoughout history. 55 min.