Christopher Lori


CLEAN SALVAGE / new drawing charcoal and acrylic

( not to draw my drawings )

or when my mind becomes jealous of the quality of marks I’ve made unconsciously from peripheral vision.

or what to do when the sight of a mark’s intent made too consciously begins to sicken me.

The new work in the Exhibition “Clean salvage”, has been built through process elimination and displacement. This displacement occurs by forcing whatever medium into areas outside my focal point while working in another direction entirely. When sufficient material has been sculpted and layered in these peripheries, the focus is then placed on these (residual) areas to be cut away and valued for their own potential independence. There can be no ”NO” answer to the risk questions of whether to pull the knife out to separate deserving grounds.

This is the best way to ground and cull formal purities occurring randomly on a level almost beyond psychology in the making. Culling these margin follow-through’s, bleeds and residual marks makes for beautifully unconscious less drawn/less built “graphica”.


   A fraternal-twin of Irish and Italian descent. Born in Saint Catharine’s Ontario (1970). Christopher Lori has been drawing feverently since childhood. He has partaken in studies at both Sheridan College and at the Ontario College of Art and Design University under celebrated mentors, contemporary artists Ian Carr-Harris, Rae Johnson, John Scott and Jim Tiley.

He has participated in several group shows both nationally and internationally with contemporary art galleries such as Pierre-Francois Ouellette _Art Contemporain (Montreal, QC) and, Gallery Poulsen (Copenhagen, Denmark).

Having representation with Begoña Malone -Galería de Arte (Madrid, Spain) since 2006, Christopher Lori has successfully shown at internationally celebrated art fairs, such as, Scope Miami, Scope New York, and Art Toronto.

He currently lives and works in Toronto.


Through a variety of approaches to the mythological landscape, delving into fervent and psychosomatic territories with fear, desire and intimacy; producing “clean “ uncensored pictorial landscapes filled with tension.

With intense un-manufactured and aesthetically original mythologies, Christopher Lori exposes the veracity of his own account. Sculpting hidden and intimate pressures to be clean in nature - persuading himself of the worth and states of daily, and at times, hourly, emotional needs continually nailed to the wall 

                                                                                               - CHRISTOPHER LORI