Christopher Lori




A fraternal-twin of Irish and Italian descent. Born in Saint Catharineʼs, Ontario (1970). Christopher has studied at both Sheridan College, and the Ontario College of Art and Design University under celebrated mentors, contemporary artists Rae Johnson, jim Tiley, Ian-Carr Harris, and John Scott. Confidently sculpting and abstracting charcoal on paper, Christopher has romanticized a type of Pyscho-Mytho figurative landscape for over a decade now.

Christopher has participated in several group shows with strong growing galleries such as PIERRE-FRANCOIS OUELLETTE ART CONTEMPORAIN of Montreal and GALLERY POULSEN of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Having representation with GALERIA BEGONA MALONE of Madrid, Spain since 2007, Christopher has successfully shown at internationally celebrated art fairs, such as, SCOPE MIAMI, SCOPE NEW YORK, and ART TORONTO

CHRISTOPHER LORI currently lives and works in Toronto.


Through a variety of approaches to the mythological landscape, delving into fervent and psychosomatic territories with fear, desire and intimacy; producing “clean “ uncensored pictorial landscapes filled with tension.

A daily pursuit of the S(s)elf, sources complications, when, faced with a less then comfortable perceptual experience with the pleasures, satisfactions and meanings of ʻIʼ.

With intense unmanufactured and aesthetically original mythologies, Christopher Lori exposes the veracity of his own account. Sculpting hidden and intimate pressures of clean-nature - persuading himself of the worth and states of daily and, at times, hourly emotional needs continuously nailed to the wall.


“Whether involved in drawing, painting or animation drawing remains the centre-core of my practice. Currently using raw charcoal on paper, which I find a versatile medium for high contrast work while also allowing a full rich grey-scale along with being a very tactile process. Usually the work inhabits a space between representation and abstraction being motivated by formal graphic directions line and psychological states of emotion. When working on a small scale the works tends to be more detailed and representational, when working on medium or large scales the drawings become more about pure blunt graphic drawing (yet deliberate mark-making). I thrive on communicating emotions with black/white line/work with its limitations while finding a balance between coarse line gesture and graphic formal structures. I am very interested in how the eye is pulled by marks, line and tone. Infusing these elements I want to create a hold or hover in the viewer as they analyze/focus on what their seeing, making it their own then feeling, having done the math of what level of detail or form matters to them. I hope the audience then also enters some relevant dialogue with my work in the broader arena of art history.”

                                                                                                        - CHRISTOPHER LORI


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